In chastity future cuckold?
First Whipping and Butt Plug!!!

HER:  Hi all just wanted to let you know that I let him out of chastity two nights ago long enough to put the HUMBLR on, afterwards before his lock when back on he decided he was going to try to stroke himself a few times, Soooo I warned him once and he did it again by now of course he was too swollen to get the lock back on so I got out the FLOGGER for the first punishment!!  He tried to fight it for a bit and that really pissed me off so he got 6 whippings with the flogger.

Then, one of his domestic duties is that he is to make the bed every morning.  well last night when I went to bed , guess what it was’nt made.  I said something to him and I think he thought he was off the hook, a little while later while he was licking me i told him to go get the butt plug which is a new toy for us.  I had previously used it on him once or twice but it was almost impossible to get in. This was before chastity and we were just kinda trying it out.  So I lubed it up and shoved it in.  He was jumping and whining like a baby but in it went and I made him sleep with it in.  Needless to say the bed got made this morning! :) 

He has been pretty good for the most part even though I am kinda easing in to my dominant role, I havent pushed him too much.  But he is stubborn as hell and I will have my work cut out for me.  I warned him that IF i decided to go this route that I would be all in so I dont think he really knows what he is in for because I can promise I am more stubborn than he is!! :)

Thats all for now, I hope that you all are having fun doing what it is that does it for you! :)  Feel free to ask any questions any time!! <3 XO